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Common Types of Trees Found in Northern Virginia Backyards

Our region is home to some of the most beautiful trees you will find anywhere in the world. There are many fun and rewarding reasons to learn how to identify different types of trees that are typically found throughout Virginia, Washington, DC, Maryland and the surrounding areas. Knowing more about trees will not only increase your ability to tell apart different species and appreciate their unique characteristics, but it will also help you determine the best methods of keeping trees healthy.

As a leading source of trimming, pruning and tree removal in Fairfax, VA and across the region, we see a lot of different kinds of trees. From tall trees to small trees to trees that flower and bear fruit, you’ll find a variety that can be determined by studying the leaf, bark, seed and other traits. Some of the most popular types of backyard trees you’ll find in our area include:

  • All Kinds of Oak Trees: Popular species of the typically thick barked, acorn-bearing tree include the black, chestnut, Virginia pine, overcup and white oak varieties. As many of these types of trees can grow very tall, professional assistance is usually required for oak tree removal.
  • Green Ash: The small yet bright green leaves with seven leaflets and ash-gray to brown bark with interlacing ridges are qualities of this common local tree. Look for samara pods with wings hanging in clusters to make sure you’ve found a green ash.
  • Hickory: A proud member of the walnut family, the hickory tree features anywhere from five to 17 long narrow leaves that grow in pairs from the stalk with a single leaflet sticking out at the top. Its bark forms ridges in vertical patterns and it bears nuts with a woody outer husk. Since these trees grow tall and can spread out wide, professional hickory tree pruning is often needed.
  • Red Maple: An increasingly common backyard tree, the red maple’s scarlet three-lobed leaf and red buds, flowers and stalks make it one of the easiest and rewarding to spot in your neighborhood. Due to its popularity, maple tree pruning is one of the most common services we provide every year.

Know Your State Tree

You’ll find different types of backyard trees wherever you travel around the country. You may even have your state tree growing on your property.

  • In Virginia, the flowering dogwood, with its smooth light gray bark and snowy white flowers, is famous for its beauty throughout the state.
  • The white oak is Maryland’s state tree and can be identified by the whitish bottom of its bright green leaves, white-to-gray patchy and blocky bark and acorns topped with a finely scaled, rounded cup.
  • The scarlet oak is the official tree of Washington, DC, most easily spotted in autumn thanks to its brightly colored red leaves.

Wherever you live, from Dumfries, VA to Great Falls or Springfield, tree services play an important role in maintaining healthy foliage. Whether you require a walnut tree removal in Washington, DC or dogwood tree services in Northern Virginia, Richard’s has the knowledge and experience to get the job done right. Contact us on the phone or get in touch online for more information.

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