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D.I.Y. Tips for Trimming Tree Limbs

From using power tools while standing on top of a 40-foot ladder to trimming tree branches that weigh hundreds of pounds, there are many aspects to tree work that are understandably foreboding. The truth is, when it comes to tree trimming for big branches or tree removal in Alexandria, Virginia, and throughout the region, often your best bet is to call the expert arborists at Richard’s Tree Service. However, for those that have the time and inclination, there are also a number of actions you can perform on your own to help maintain your trees.

Trimming Tree Branches and Other Common Tasks

While it’s easy to take the health of the trees on your property for granted, it’s a mistake that can lead to everything from a less attractive landscape to potential liabilities. By assuming an active role in tree care and preventive maintenance, you can effectively maximize the value of your home while reducing risks relating to personal injury and property damage. If you’re wondering what tree services you can handle on your own, consider your ability to perform the following tasks:

  • Encouraging Root Growth: Whether your trees are newly planted or fully matured, it’s important to ensure the roots are getting adequate water, oxygen and natural fertilizer. Spreading two to four inches of mulch across the root area on a regular basis will help trees retain moisture and receive the nutrients necessary to thrive.
  • Removing Small, Dead Branches: It’s generally safe to prune small broken branches and clear away light debris. When it involves tree trimming for big branches, working on heavy overhead limbs or using anything more powerful than a handsaw or pole pruner, it’s probably time to consider hiring a professional tree service.
  • Identifying Damages and Disease: Professional tree removal companies have the knowledge and experience to confirm if trees or heavy branches present a serious hazard. However, by conducting regular visual inspections of your property, you can avoid many of the most common troubles by spotting trees with decay, cracks, signs of insect infestation, damages and disease.

Contact Richard's Tree Service

As a family-owned and operated tree company with over 65 years of collective local experience, we encourage our clients to learn more about caring for the trees on their property. It’s also important to recognize when a job is too complex and potentially dangerous to tackle on your own. Whether you require tree removal in Alexandria or tree trimming for big branches throughout Virginia, DC or Maryland, Richard’s Tree Service has you covered. Our certified arborists know your trees and how best to care for them safely and efficiently.

If you need help trimming tree branches, give us a call or get in touch with us online today. We’ll be happy to provide a free on-site assessment and deliver the expert service you’ve come to expert from a leading Northern Virginia tree removal company.

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