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Diagnosing, Caring for and Removing Diseased Trees

Maintaining healthy, thriving trees is one of the most important aspects of cultivating a beautiful natural landscape. Since a mature tree is something that can’t be easily or quickly replaced, and planting new trees represents a large expense, protecting your property from diseases and insect infection should be a top priority. Whether you’re wondering if you have a tree infested with insects or you’re interested in removing diseased tree limbs, consulting with a professional arborist is the smart, safe and efficient way to proceed.

As a local tree company with over 65 collective years of industry experience, Richard’s Tree Service has the experience and expertise to help you spot signs of disease and infestation. With an on-site assessment, our certified arborists will help you determine which branches and parts of the tree are diseased and if the situation is salvageable. In the case it is not, we specialize in removing dead trees and diseased tree limbs.

What Does a Diseased Tree Look Like?

A tree diseased with bugs or some other condition will in most cases show evidence in its physical appearance and characteristics. Whether your trees are suffering from spider mites, phomopsis blight, phytophthora root rot or white pine weevil, it’s possible to identify what’s wrong by:

  • Inspecting the base of the tree where it meets the soil and around the root area for signs of digging or burrowing, insects, wood decay, rot or fungus. Be sure to look out for what looks like saw dust, which might indicate the presence of carpenter ants or termites.
  • Checking the bark and trunk for peeling, cracks, holes or weakening and thinning sections. Bald spots, discoloration and peeling can be an indicator of a tree infested with insects or carrying a disease.
  • Spotting small dead branches or areas where there’s a lower density of leaves, especially in the spring when everything is in blossom. If the majority of branches are bare, removing the tree might be necessary.

What to Do If You Have a Diseased Tree

A diseased tree can cause a host of problems for residential and commercial locations, ranging from liabilities caused by falling branches to an infestation that spreads across your entire property. If you suspect you have a diseased tree, get in touch with Richard’s for a free, on-site assessment. Give us a call or submit an online information request form to speak to a knowledgeable representative and schedule your service today.

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