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Mature Tree Care

Your trees and shrubs establish the framework for your property’s landscape and design, keeping them vibrant and healthy can help improve your property’s visual appeal and value. Mature trees most definitely add beauty and value to a yard. They may appear indestructible, but they are not. To make sure they are healthy look for new leaves and buds, twigs that are growing in the spring and summer. If you have a tree that is particularly important to you it is worthwhile having it inspected by a certified arborist yearly. Regular inspection can truly save and preserve your trees. To keep healthy mature trees in tip top shape mulch properly, maintain soil balance and make sure there is proper drainage.

Signs A Tree Is In Distress

  • If leaves are spotted, deformed or dead
  • The trunk or branches are missing bark, have mushrooms or cavities
  • Portions of the tree are starting to die

A tree showing any of these signs is susceptible to insect infestation and disease which can cause it hollow. A large mature tree that is hollow is much more dangerous and costly to remove. Have one of our ISA certified arborist help you help your trees.

How to Care for and Nurture Young Trees

Placement is the most important key for a healthy young tree. It needs the right combination of soil composition, drainage and light. A young tree is most vulnerable to the same disease and insect damage as mature trees. Limit pruning to only removing broken or torn branches. In the 2nd and 3rd year of life other types of pruning can be done later.

If you need tree pruning services one of our certified arborists can help guide you thru this process.

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