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Tree Service in Northern VA

The trees at your home or business are precious assets that need tremendous care and attention to reach their full potential. Unfortunately, most landscaping companies are not licensed for tree services, and very few have a dedicated arborist on staff. Arborists can provide a level of care and expertise that simply no landscaper can provide.

At Richard’s Tree Service, we can be your dedicated arborist in Northern VA. Our tree services include trimming and pruning, removal and much more. When you want your trees to reach their full potential, make sure you get service and support from a provider that can get the job done.

Tree Trimming in Northern VA

Tree trimming and pruning sound so incredibly simple and straightforward. But this is one area where knowledge, experience and expertise really matter. Trimming and pruning can affect a tree's health, future growth and even lifespan. Improper trimming or pruning can be a death knell for a tree.

At Richard’s Tree Service, we are adept at executing tree trimming and pruning, making sure to cut back the right amount and always to do so at the right time of year for your specific species of tree. We often provide trimming and pruning services when:

  • Branches are rubbing or blocking growth
  • Branches are damaged, dead, weak, diseased or insect-infested
  • Branches are growing toward homes or other structures
  • Branches are obstructing streets or paths
  • Branches are interfering with chimneys, windows, roofs, gutters, façades, wires, etc.

Make sure you secure a knowledgeable and experience tree service in Northern VA when you need your trees’ branches trimmed or pruned.

Tree Removal in Northern VA

You might be able to guess how challenging tree removal is in Northern VA and throughout the country, especially when the tree needing removal is large or mature. In tree removal situations, a wrong decision or miscalculation can lead to expensive damage or a threat to safety — both of which you surely want to avoid at your home or business.

At Richard’s Tree Service, we remove trees under certain circumstances, including:

  • When a tree is dead, dying or suffering from disease
  • When a tree is posing a threat to other trees
  • When a tree is damaged beyond regrowth or repair
  • When a tree is causing an obstruction
  • When a tree is blocking new construction or property development

Whether you need tree removal in Northern VA or a similar service, scheduling with Richard’s Tree Service is simple and easy, and our experience allows us to execute our work both quickly and effectively.

Assessing and Diagnosing Your Trees

As your source for Northern VA tree service, we also provide evaluation, diagnostic and remediation services. Unfortunately, trees can often suffer from disease. In these cases, fast action is of the utmost importance. At Richard’s Tree Service, we can make authoritative recommendations on the best course of action, and we can often preserve sick or dying trees.

Why Choose Richard’s Tree Service?

Since 1996, we’ve been serving as an arborist in Northern VA and surrounding communities. We can handle properties large and small, both for individual owners and HOAs. We have a 24-7 answering service, knowing that many homes and businesses have tree emergencies around the clock. In short, when you need Northern Virginia tree service, Richard’s Tree Service is ready to offer its experience, knowledge and expertise.

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