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Are you properly insured and licensed? And what does that mean to me?

We are fully licensed, bonded and insured. It is imperative when hiring any tree company that they carry all of the proper licenses and insurance. If not, the homeowner has no recourse if the work is not performed as specified or if there is injury to an employee or property damage. Ask for this documentation before any work is performed. Be aware that there have been far too many instances in which these documents or forged or outdated. Double check the authenticity with company named on the policy.

Licensed – allows a company to perform work pertaining to their industry.

Bonded – carrying secondary insurance assures that a company is liable if the work this paid for is done. We do not ask for any payment until the work is completed.

Insured – carrying both liability and workman’s compensation.

Liability – covers damages to the property or person’s caused by a company.

Worker’s Compensation – assures that an employee of a company will be compensated by the company for any injury occurring during the performance of their duties and the homeowner will not be liable.

Do you offer any free estimates?

Richard’s Tree Service provides free estimates. You may call our office or request an estimate online. We will need the specific location of the tree or trees and the work you would like to be performed. A customer doesn’t need to be home during the estimate unless they want to be. The estimator will come to your property and evaluate the tree work you requested. A written estimate will be left in the door (unless otherwise requested). You can contact an estimator directly with any questions you have. If you would like to be home during the estimate, give the office that information on the phone or request that option online. The estimator will call back promptly and schedule the appointment with you. The estimate will be broken down by item - if there are multiple items - and a price is quoted. Included with your estimate is a copy of our insurance.

How do I schedule work do be done at my home, place of work, or for another property?

To schedule work call the office confirm that you want the work done. Specify if you want everything that has been estimated done or just certain items. You do not need to be home while the work is being performed unless you want to. We will give you an estimated date the work can be done and will call 24 to 48hrs prior to putting you on the schedule. Please do keep in mind that our ability to work is greatly affected by the weather. It is not safe for any tree company’s crew to work in heavy rain. If you have been scheduled on a day that there is inclement weather you will receive a call that day to reschedule the work for as soon as possible. If any trees or part of the l we will call miss utility to have they marked within 48 hrs. This is done to insure no electric, cable; phone or power lines are damaged during the work. This must be done if before we can start.

Are invoicing options available as a form of payment?

Upon completion of work an invoice will be left in the door unless otherwise instructed. If you are home while the work is being performed we will give the invoice directly to you.

What types of payment methods do you accept?

We accept all forms of payment including Discover, MasterCard and Visa. If paying by credit card you can call the card information into the office and the office manager will process the payment.

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