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Tree Service in Fairfax, VA

Are you searching for quality tree service in Fairfax, VA? It’s tempting to turn to landscapers first. But landscapers aren’t licensed to work on trees, and they rarely have dedicated arborists on their teams. And there’s nothing like having subject matter experts like the ones you’ll find at Richard’s Tree Service — your best option for Fairfax tree service.

We are licensed and insured arborists with decades of combined experience. Our knowledge and expertise can make a difference in the overall health and the lifespans of your trees. Make sure you’re getting the best in Fairfax tree service when you trust the team at Richard’s Tree Service.

Tree Trimming in Fairfax, VA

Proper tree trimming promotes the overall health of your trees. It also promotes the future growth of trees and extends the lifespan of your trees. Conversely, improper tree trimming and pruning can adversely affect your trees and pose a threat to their futures.

Make sure you’re getting tree trimming in Fairfax, VA that’s done right when you choose Richard’s Tree Service. We often trim trees that are encroaching on homes and interfering with wires, facades, gutters and roofs. We also trim trees that have branches rubbing against each other or are impeding each other’s growth. And we often trim branches that are diseased, insect-infested, weak or dying. We always do what’s best for your tree and your property. Make sure you’re getting your tree trimmed the way it’s meant to be when you choose Richard’s Tree Service.

Tree Removal in Fairfax, VA

Tree removal can be incredibly complex and challenging. One wrong move could send a tree crashing into a house or another structure. One miscalculation could pose a threat to safety. Make sure you’re getting the knowledge and experience you need when you choose Richard’s Tree Service for tree removal in Fairfax, VA.

We remove trees when they are dead, dying or afflicted by disease, when they pose a threat to other trees, when they are damaged beyond repair, when they create an obstruction or when they are blocking new construction or property development.

But don’t let tree removal in Fairfax, VA pose a threat to your safety or run the risk of damage to property. Scheduling is easy, the work is done fast and risk is reduced when you choose Richard’s Tree Service.

Tree Evaluation, Diagnostics and Remediation

At Richard’s Tree Service, we can often save diseased or dying trees. If you need tree care in Fairfax, VA, call us as quickly as possible. If you have a sick tree on your property, speed is of the utmost importance. We have a 24-7 answering service for tree emergencies of all kinds, and we can quickly provide an evaluation, diagnostics and, if needed, tree remediation.

Discover the Difference at Richard’s Tree Service

Since 1996, we’ve been working with the owners of properties large and small, as well as with HOAs, to offer the best in tree service in Fairfax, VA. Our owners come to each job with more than 74 combined years of experience in the industry, and that experience makes a difference as we trim and remove trees, and as we provide general tree care. Make sure you’re getting the best in Fairfax tree service when you trust the team at Richard’s Tree Service.

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