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Winter Tree Care

If you have trees in your yard, you want to take care of them. This is especially true of fruit trees. Fruit trees can bloom wonderfully in the warmer months, giving you some delicious treats to enjoy, but they need help getting through the winter. Here are some simple tree care tips for fruit trees you can do yourself to keep those trees healthy through the cold season.

One of the biggest dangers of winter for fruit trees is pest infestation. Fruit tree-destroying pests can hide in and around trees during the winter and do their damage at the first opportunity. There are a few steps you can take to ward this off.


Making sure to pull all the weeds around your tree as winter comes is a great idea for two reasons. First, you don’t want weeds in your yard. Second, those weeds can provide cover for pests looking to use your tree for winter shelter. Get rid of the weeds and then fluff up the soil to expose grubs and eggs to the surface, allowing birds and frost to take care of them.


Later in the winter, after the frost has hopefully killed all the pests, laying down some fertilizer followed by a layer of mulch will slow the progress of new weeds and help nourish the tree.

Winter Wash

Some of those pests will make their way into your tree, overwintering insects that hide out during the winter and come out to plague your trees when things warm up. A plant-oil based spray called a winter tree wash applied at the beginning and end of winter can take care of these unwanted pests.

Winter Tree Pruning

It’s always a good idea to prune your trees, but winter tree pruning is a good way to help those trees stay healthy during winter. Pruning makes it easier for sunlight to penetrate to the center of the tree, and removing any dead, damaged or diseased limbs is good for overall tree health, giving new wood a better chance to grow.

For more extensive tree services in Northern Virginia, you’ll want to call in a professional. Richard’s Tree Service has ISA-licensed arborists who know how to care for trees year-round, and who can provide preventative care, stump removal, disease treatment and other services for your fruit trees and other yard trees. For a free estimate on tree services in Northern VA, contact Richard’s Tree Service today.

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