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Virginia Trees: Pine Trees You Can Find in Virginia

There’s a distinctive beauty to pine trees and their towering stature. You may want to secure this distinctive beauty for your home, but know before searching that there is a wide range of different evergreen tree types — including a variety of pine tree types in Virginia. How do you know which type of pine tree is right for your home?

The good news is that options can help you find the perfect look. Not only are there different types of pine trees in VA, but there are also a number of pine trees that are particularly adept at growing and thriving in Northern Virginia. Here’s a look at different evergreen tree types in Northern Virginia and a few details on each that can help you decide on the best species for your home:

  • Eastern White Pine: Prominent in Northern Virginia and stretching west toward Roanoke and Bristol, the Eastern White Pine is the tallest native conifer tree species found in the Northeastern United States — reaching heights of 75 to 100 feet, though some grow to 150 feet. The Eastern White Pine also offers strong longevity, reaching ages of more than 200 years and up to 450 years. These trees grow fast, too, reaching 40 feet in just 20 years.
  • Pitch Pine: The defining characteristic of the Pitch Pine is needles that grow in bundles of three. These needles feature sharp tips and can be either slightly twisted or perfectly straight. Pitch Pines can grow to heights of between 50 and 80 feet.
  • Red Pine: The Red Pine can be found throughout Virginia and the Northern United States — even stretching into Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba and other Central and Eastern Canadian provinces. The Red Pine typically reaches heights of 75 to 80 feet, and it can even grow as high as 200 feet in optimal conditions.
  • Shortleaf Pine: The Shortleaf Pine is one of the tallest pine species you’ll find in Northern Virginia and throughout the state. Expect a Shortleaf Pine to grow up to 100 feet, with a deep root tap that provides strength against high winds.
  • Table-Mountain Pine: Perfect for Northern Virginia, the Table-Mountain Pine is unique in that it grows with a distinctive crooked trunk. Most grow to about 50 feet, with a trunk two feet in diameter.
  • Virginia Pine: Of course, there’s always the eponymous Virginia Pine. The Virginia Pine grows rapidly and is highly tolerant to drought conditions, and it offers a longevity of up to 150 years. Expect it to grow to between 40 and 70 feet, though in some poorer sites (think ragged or shrubby) it only grows to about 25 feet.

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